Baby Names and Meanings of Christan.

Baby Names and Meanings of Christan - Find the unique & popular Baby Names Of each Origin. Get Meanings in English. New & cool Baby Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number,How to Pronounce & Correct baby Names spellings.Names for baby girls and baby boys search by reign and religion. We have all world religion and Origin wise baby names and meaning.Top Christan name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Christan baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Yavuz  ♂  Boy Strict ( Shakhat , asool wala ) Detail
Azekah  ♂  Boy آزیکاTilled.( Golak, daraz, ghala ) Detail
Ashleena  ♀  Girl آشلیناMeadow of ash trees. ( drakhto ki mati ki charaah gaah) Detail
daewon  ♂  Boy Gracious God Detail
Iseul  ⚥  Unisex From dew Detail
Neve  ♀  Girl dazzling Detail
Somboon  ♂  Boy Merit of worth Detail
Manya  ♀  Girl Rebellious woman ( Baghi orrat ) Detail
Boonsri  ♀  Girl Beautiful Detail
Zayden  ♂  Boy Unclear Detail
Anaya  ♀  Girl انیCaring, Guardian, Protector Detail
Cailean  ♂  Boy A dove Detail
Lilinoe  ♀  Girl Goddess of haze Detail
Kaja  ♀  Girl Free woman Detail
Eimhir  ♀  Girl Quick Detail
Gaunt  ♂  Boy Henry IV, 1 & 2' Prince John. 'Henry VI, 1' John Talbot. 'King Henry VI, III' Sirs John Mortimer, Montgomery, anD Somerville. 'King John'. 'The Merry Wives of WinDsor' Sir John Falstaff. 'Much ADo About Nothing' Don John. 'RicharD II' John of Gaunt. Detail
Jenaya  ♀  Girl MoDern name baseD on Jane or Jean; BaseD on Janai meaning 'GoD has answereD. '. Detail
Crichton  ♂  Boy From the town by the creek. Detail
donatello  ♂  Boy donated Detail
Seirath  ♂  Boy Hairy, goat, demon, tempest. Detail
Yashiv  ♂  Boy God will answer Detail
Manila  ♀  Girl Son's jewel Detail
Rezso  ♂  Boy Legendary wolf Detail
Corliss  ♀  Girl Heartfelt Detail
Preeda  ♀  Girl Joyful Detail
Majken  ♀  Girl Rebellious woman Detail
Thaksin  ♂  Boy From the south Detail
Alex  ⚥  Unisex Protector of humanity Detail
Elian  ♂  Boy My Lord responded Detail
Jaran  ♂  Boy “neighbor”, “ally” Detail
Siman  ♂  Boy Heard. Detail
Ecclesiastes  ♂  Boy A preacher. Detail
Oydis  ♀  Girl Goddess of good luck Detail
Riya  ♀  Girl रियाVocalist Detail
Cadmael  ♂  Boy War chief Detail
Aldora  ♀  Girl Winged gift. Detail
Maria  ♀  Girl ماریہBitter or sea of bitterness, Tamanna aur chaahat karnay wali Detail
Healani  ⚥  Unisex Haze from heavens Detail
Jeana  ♀  Girl Queen Detail
Kylian  ♂  Boy Church man Detail
Nishi  ♀  Girl From the west Detail
Johntel  ♂  Boy God is merciful Detail
Yaniv  ♂  Boy He will be fruitful Detail
Hande  ♀  Girl Smiling Detail
Kye  ♂  Boy Living near a narrow channel Detail
Pentecost  ♂  Boy Fiftieth. Detail
Jubal  ♂  Boy Stream, jubilee. Detail
Amias  ♂  Boy Beloved Detail
Tupaarnaq  ♀  Girl Wild herb Detail
Traynor  ♂  Boy A very strong person Detail
Aiyana  ♀  Girl Endless beauty Detail
Ilu  ♀  Girl Light. Detail
Tanya  ♀  Girl तान्याUnclear Detail
Ronin  ♂  Boy Joyful song Detail
Sorcha  ♀  Girl Beaming Detail
dwaine  ♂  Boy Dark. Many Irish anD Scottish names have the meaning 'Dark' or 'black. Detail
Ruzena  ♀  Girl Rose. Detail
dalek  ♂  Boy Fighting far away. Detail
Childers  ♂  Boy A house with a child Detail
Argi  ♀  Girl Light. Detail
Adiel  ♂  Boy Ornament of God. Detail
Naiyana  ♀  Girl Eye Detail
dejuan  ♂  Boy God is merciful Detail
Esen  ♀  Girl Breeze Detail
Mililani  ♀  Girl Love from heaven Detail
Kamon  ⚥  Unisex From the heart Detail
Chikere  ⚥  Unisex Created by God Detail
Armina  ♀  Girl “beautified”, “adorned”, and can be used to describe both physical beauty and good manners Detail
Adisa  ♂  Boy The lucid one Detail
Feriha  ♀  Girl Joyous woman Detail
Maleko  ♂  Boy Pledged to Mars, warrior Detail
Anastasia  ♀  Girl Resurrection Detail
dacey  ♂  Boy Adored Detail
Oria  ♀  Girl From the mountain. Detail
Ilsa  ♀  Girl Abbreviation of Elizabeth. Detail
Kaj  ♀  Girl Chaste, pure Detail
Zeki  ♂  Boy Man of intelligence Detail
Jaiman  ♂  Boy Win or success Detail
Jiaolong  ♂  Boy Looks like a dragon Detail
Admon  ♂  Boy Red peony. Detail
Koshon  ♂  Boy Unclear Detail
Guatemoc  ♂  Boy One who falls like an eagle Detail
Acke  ♂  Boy Peace of the father Detail
Nishant  ♂  Boy End of the night Detail
Gebal  ♂  Boy Boundary, border. Detail
Umut  ⚥  Unisex Full of hope Detail
Brynn  ♀  Girl From a hilly land Detail
Sawney  ♂  Boy defender of man Detail
Aurelia  ♀  Girl Golden Detail
Berna  ♀  Girl Young woman Detail
Mckenzie  ⚥  Unisex Pretty, good-looking Detail
Kuzey  ♂  Boy North Detail
Ruby  ⚥  Unisex रूबीRuby gemstone Detail
Trygve  ♂  Boy Worth of trust Detail
Randi  ♀  Girl Admirable Detail
Vana  ♀  Girl वन God is merciful Detail
Phyllis  ♀  Girl Green leaves Detail
Alba  ♀  Girl Fair, white Detail
Jannon  ♂  Boy Fair haired Detail
Adora  ♀  Girl Adoration Detail

Most visited Christan Names.

 ♂  Yavuz
 ♂  Azekah
 ♀  Ashleena
 ♂  daewon
 ⚥  Iseul
 ♀  Neve
 ♂  Somboon
 ♀  Manya
 ♀  Boonsri
 ♂  Zayden
 ♀  Anaya
 ♂  Cailean
 ♀  Lilinoe
 ♀  Kaja
 ♀  Eimhir
 ♂  Gaunt
 ♀  Jenaya
 ♂  Crichton
 ♂  donatello
 ♂  Seirath
 ♂  Yashiv
 ♀  Manila
 ♂  Rezso
 ♀  Corliss
 ♀  Preeda
 ♀  Majken
 ♂  Thaksin
 ⚥  Alex
 ♂  Elian
 ♂  Jaran
 ♂  Siman
 ♂  Ecclesiastes
 ♀  Oydis
 ♀  Riya
 ♂  Cadmael
 ♀  Aldora
 ♀  Maria
 ⚥  Healani
 ♀  Jeana
 ♂  Kylian
 ♀  Nishi
 ♂  Johntel
 ♂  Yaniv
 ♀  Hande
 ♂  Kye
 ♂  Pentecost
 ♂  Jubal
 ♂  Amias