Baby Names and Meanings of Christan.

Baby Names and Meanings of Christan - Find the unique & popular Baby Names Of each Origin. Get Meanings in English. New & cool Baby Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number,How to Pronounce & Correct baby Names spellings.Names for baby girls and baby boys search by reign and religion. We have all world religion and Origin wise baby names and meaning.Top Christan name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Christan baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Babajide  ♂  Boy Father is coming home Detail
Babatunde  ♂  Boy Return of the father Detail
Bacchus  ♂  Boy Make a loud noise Detail
Bacon  ♂  Boy Selling pork Detail
Bainbridge  ♂  Boy Useful bridge Detail
Baird  ♂  Boy Minstrel Detail
Balazs  ♂  Boy Stammering, stuttering Detail
Baldrick  ♂  Boy Bold ruler Detail
Baldwin  ♂  Boy Friend, Dost Detail
Balendin  ♂  Boy Physically powerful, healthy Detail
Balint  ♂  Boy Hale and healthy Detail
Balzac  ♂  Boy Horse with white spots on its legs Detail
Bancroft  ♂  Boy Village on a hillside Detail
Banks  ♂  Boy From a hillside or riverbank Detail
Baptiste  ♂  Boy dipping in water Detail
Baram  ♂  Boy “cheerful”, “friendly”, “happy”, “charming”, “pleasant” Detail
Bard  ♂  Boy Battle against peace Detail
Barend  ♂  Boy As brave as a bear Detail
Barlow  ♂  Boy Clearing of barley Detail
Barnat  ♂  Boy As strong as a bear Detail
Barnett  ♂  Boy Living on a land cleared by fire Detail
Barrett  ♂  Boy Rule like a bear Detail
Barrington  ♂  Boy A troublesome tribe or person Detail
Barrow  ♂  Boy Living by a grove Detail
Bart  ♂  Boy Rich in land Detail
Bartek  ♂  Boy Rich in land Detail
Bartholomew  ♂  Boy Rich in land Detail
Bartley  ♂  Boy Birch forest Detail
Bartolo  ♂  Boy Farmer's son Detail
Bartolomeu  ♂  Boy Rich in land Detail

Most visited Christan Names.

 ♂  Yavuz
 ♂  Azekah
 ♀  Ashleena
 ♂  daewon
 ⚥  Iseul
 ♀  Neve
 ♂  Somboon
 ♀  Manya
 ♀  Boonsri
 ♂  Zayden
 ♀  Anaya
 ♂  Cailean
 ♀  Lilinoe
 ♀  Kaja
 ♀  Eimhir
 ♂  Gaunt
 ♀  Jenaya
 ♂  Crichton
 ♂  donatello
 ♂  Seirath
 ♂  Yashiv
 ♀  Manila
 ♂  Rezso
 ♀  Corliss
 ♀  Preeda
 ♀  Majken
 ♂  Thaksin
 ♂  Elian
 ♂  Jaran
 ⚥  Alex
 ♂  Siman
 ♂  Ecclesiastes
 ♀  Oydis
 ♀  Riya
 ♂  Cadmael
 ♀  Aldora
 ♀  Maria
 ⚥  Healani
 ♀  Jeana
 ♂  Kylian
 ♀  Nishi
 ♂  Johntel
 ♂  Yaniv
 ♀  Hande
 ♂  Kye
 ♂  Pentecost
 ♂  Jubal
 ♂  Amias