Baby Names and Meanings of Christan.

Baby Names and Meanings of Christan - Find the unique & popular Baby Names Of each Origin. Get Meanings in English. New & cool Baby Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number,How to Pronounce & Correct baby Names spellings.Names for baby girls and baby boys search by reign and religion. We have all world religion and Origin wise baby names and meaning.Top Christan name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Christan baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Ealasaid  ♀  Girl Promise of God Detail
Earlene  ♀  Girl Noble woman Detail
Eartha  ♀  Girl From Earth Detail
Eavan  ♀  Girl Gorgeous gloss Detail
Ebele  ♀  Girl Compassion Detail
Ebony  ♀  Girl Like dark smooth wood Detail
Ece  ♀  Girl The queen Detail
Edda  ♀  Girl Fighting a battle Detail
Edie  ♀  Girl Fighting to be rich Detail
Edita  ♀  Girl Fighting to be rich Detail
Edith  ♀  Girl Fighting to be rich Detail
Edmonda  ♀  Girl Rich guardian Detail
Edna  ♀  Girl Little seed, kernel Detail
Edrie  ♀  Girl Wealthy monarch Detail
Edyta  ♀  Girl Fighting to be rich Detail
Eeva  ♀  Girl Living and breathing Detail
Efa  ♀  Girl Living and breathing Detail
Efigenia  ♀  Girl Born to be strong Detail
Eilidh  ♀  Girl Sympathy, compassion Detail
Eimhir  ♀  Girl Quick Detail
Eireen  ♀  Girl Woman of peace Detail
Eithne  ♀  Girl Little seed, kernel Detail
Ekin  ♀  Girl Crop Detail
Elaina  ♀  Girl Torch of light Detail
Elda  ♀  Girl Fighting a war Detail
Eldora  ♀  Girl Golden Detail
Eleanor  ♀  Girl light, radiance, it is a variant of El-Nour, which is a common pronunciation of Al-Nour (light) Detail
Electa  ♀  Girl Ceaseless Detail
Elfreda  ♀  Girl Counsel of elves Detail
Elida  ♀  Girl From Elide valley Detail

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 ♂  Yavuz
 ♂  Azekah
 ♀  Ashleena
 ♂  daewon
 ⚥  Iseul
 ♀  Neve
 ♂  Somboon
 ♀  Manya
 ♀  Boonsri
 ♂  Zayden
 ♀  Anaya
 ♂  Cailean
 ♀  Lilinoe
 ♀  Kaja
 ♀  Eimhir
 ♂  Gaunt
 ♀  Jenaya
 ♂  Crichton
 ♂  donatello
 ♂  Seirath
 ♂  Yashiv
 ♀  Manila
 ♂  Rezso
 ♀  Corliss
 ♀  Preeda
 ♀  Majken
 ♂  Thaksin
 ♂  Elian
 ♂  Jaran
 ⚥  Alex
 ♂  Siman
 ♂  Ecclesiastes
 ♀  Oydis
 ♀  Riya
 ♂  Cadmael
 ♀  Aldora
 ♀  Maria
 ⚥  Healani
 ♀  Jeana
 ♂  Kylian
 ♀  Nishi
 ♂  Johntel
 ♂  Yaniv
 ♀  Hande
 ♂  Kye
 ♂  Pentecost
 ♂  Jubal
 ♂  Amias