Baby Names and Meanings of Christan.

Baby Names and Meanings of Christan - Find the unique & popular Baby Names Of each Origin. Get Meanings in English. New & cool Baby Names for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number,How to Pronounce & Correct baby Names spellings.Names for baby girls and baby boys search by reign and religion. We have all world religion and Origin wise baby names and meaning.Top Christan name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Christan baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Ubon  ♀  Girl Lotus flower Detail
Ukaleq  ♀  Girl Hare from Arctic Detail
Ulla  ♀  Girl Powerful and prosperous Detail
Ululani  ♀  Girl divine inspiration Detail
Ulyssa  ♀  Girl detesting Detail
Uma  ♀  Girl Mother Detail
Umeko  ♀  Girl Child of a plum Detail
Una  ♀  Girl One Detail
Unice  ♀  Girl Victory of goodness Detail
Unity  ♀  Girl Oneness Detail
Urania  ♀  Girl divine Detail
Urbana  ♀  Girl The one who lives in the city Detail
Ursula  ♀  Girl Strong as a little bear Detail
Usha  ♀  Girl उषाdaybreak Detail
Ute  ♀  Girl Riches Detail
Uliana  ♀  Girl Soft-haired Detail
Ulloriaq  ♀  Girl Star-like Detail
Ulrika  ♀  Girl Powerful and prosperous Detail
Undine  ♀  Girl From the waves Detail
Unique  ♀  Girl One and only Detail
Uqalik  ♀  Girl Hare from Arctic Detail
Uschi  ♀  Girl Strong as a little bear Detail
US opera singer Be  ♀  Girl Beaver stream, from the beaver meaDow. DeriveD from a surname anD place name. Although Beverley has sometimes been useD as a girl's name, Beverly is the more common feminine form. Detail
Uadjit  ♀  Girl Mythical cobra goddess. Detail
Uald  ♀  Girl Ruler. Detail
Ualda  ♀  Girl Brave. Detail
Uatchit  ♀  Girl Detail
Udela  ♀  Girl Wealthy. Detail
Udele  ♀  Girl Wealthy. Detail
Uldwyna  ♀  Girl Special friend. Detail

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 ♂  Yavuz
 ♂  Azekah
 ♀  Ashleena
 ♂  daewon
 ⚥  Iseul
 ♀  Neve
 ♂  Somboon
 ♀  Manya
 ♀  Boonsri
 ♂  Zayden
 ♀  Anaya
 ♂  Cailean
 ♀  Lilinoe
 ♀  Kaja
 ♀  Eimhir
 ♂  Gaunt
 ♀  Jenaya
 ♂  Crichton
 ♂  donatello
 ♂  Seirath
 ♂  Yashiv
 ♀  Manila
 ♂  Rezso
 ♀  Corliss
 ♀  Preeda
 ♀  Majken
 ♂  Thaksin
 ♂  Elian
 ♂  Jaran
 ⚥  Alex
 ♂  Siman
 ♂  Ecclesiastes
 ♀  Oydis
 ♀  Riya
 ♂  Cadmael
 ♀  Aldora
 ♀  Maria
 ⚥  Healani
 ♀  Jeana
 ♂  Kylian
 ♀  Nishi
 ♂  Johntel
 ♂  Yaniv
 ♀  Hande
 ♂  Kye
 ♂  Pentecost
 ♂  Jubal
 ♂  Amias