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Top hundred Islamic baby names list.

Abrish meaning : One who pours water - Girl Name
Hoorain Zehra meaning : Khoshada Ankhain - Girl Name
Hoorain meaning : Lovely-eyed, Splendid companion of Paradise, With modest gaze - Girl Name
Mirha meaning : Allah ka Noor - Girl Name
Yashfa meaning : He/she intercedes (on the day of Judgment) on behalf of someone - Girl Name
Hoorab meaning : Jannat ki hoor - Girl Name
Ifza meaning : Protective angel - Girl Name
Anamta meaning : Nematon wali - Girl Name
Humail meaning : Name of a Sahabi. - Boy Name
Anoushey meaning : Everlasting, Immortal, Firm and strong, Happiness and Good fortune - Girl Name
Noufal meaning : Cute - Boy Name
Alyaanah meaning : Great, High in rank and status - Girl Name
Mubashira meaning : One who brings good news, Khush khabri dainay wali - Girl Name
Yashfaa meaning : He/she is/becomes healed - Girl Name
Anfa meaning : High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb, Self-respect, Dignity - Girl Name
Saadia meaning : Princess, Pious, Good Fortune - Girl Name
Zoran meaning : dawn(morning) - Boy Name
Rubaisha meaning : Attractive, Sensitive, Artistic - Girl Name
Rabail meaning : A veil of flowers - Girl Name
Ruwais meaning : “chief”, “leader” - Boy Name
Irhaa meaning : To make calm, To make serene, To tranquilize - Girl Name
Shifan meaning : Kind, patient - Boy Name
Mikaal meaning : One of the main angels of Allah - Boy Name
Zimal meaning : Any large item of clothing that covers the entire body, such as a garment, robe, or abaya - Girl Name
Samawiyah meaning : Another name for hazrat fatimah - Girl Name
Nosherwan meaning : Name of the King of Iran, Superhero - Boy Name
Abiha meaning : Her Father - Girl Name
Tahleel meaning : To say La ilaha illa Allah, There is deity besides Allah, To glow and be enlightened - Girl Name
Samahir meaning : Woman with nice body or figure - Girl Name
Faih meaning : “scent”, “fragrance”, “perfume” - Boy Name
Mafaz meaning : Great success , Salvation. - Boy Name
Owaisi meaning : “brave”, “courageous”, “warrior” - Boy Name
Hairaz meaning : “guardian”, “protector” - Boy Name
Farya meaning : “blessed”, “magnificent”, and figuratively it means “beautiful”, “charming” - Girl Name
Chabuk meaning : “agile”, “active”, “energetic” - Boy Name
Orhan meaning : “great leader”, “supreme leader” - Boy Name
Eilshan meaning : “leader”, “ruler” - Boy Name
Mulhat meaning : “witty and charming speech”, “quip”, “witticism” - Girl Name
Shuraim meaning : “brave”, “courageous” - Boy Name
Samhaan meaning : “forgiving”, “lenient”, “generous” - Boy Name
Ayeen meaning : “creed”, “habit”, “method” - Boy Name
Mahafrin meaning : “beautiful”, literally meaning “moon-like”, “similar to the moon in creation” - Girl Name
Haizar meaning : “guardian”, “protector” - Boy Name
Aniza meaning : Staff, Sword - Girl Name
Alwan meaning : Colors - Boy Name
Mehmal meaning : Oont (camel) per khawateen kay bethnay kay liye banayi janay wali doli (seat) - Girl Name
Amooz meaning : Teacher, Instructor, To learn - Boy Name
Delawar meaning : “brave”, “courageous” - Boy Name
Anooshay meaning : Eternal life, Immortality, Ggoodness and happiness, Bravo, and blessings of Allah - Girl Name
Bozorgmehr meaning : “agile”, “active”, “energetic” - Boy Name
Murdini meaning : “perpetual”, “constant” - Boy Name
Fahdi meaning : “one who is like a leopard”, thus meaning “brave”, “strong” - Boy Name
Shaweef meaning : “to adorn”, “to decorate” - Boy Name
Mehrasa meaning : “beautiful”, radiant”, from the words Mehr (“sun”) and asa (“like”) - Girl Name
Abkar meaning : “early in a good way”, “on time” - Boy Name
Nawhan meaning : “great”, “exalted”, “elevated” - Boy Name
Saair meaning : “revolutionary” (a person who takes part in a revolution), “avenger”, “excited” - Boy Name
Laidan meaning : “gentle”, “good-mannered” - Boy Name
Samh meaning : “leniency”, “pardon”, “forgiveness” - Boy Name
Mahana meaning : “moon-like”, figuratively meaning “beautiful” - Girl Name
Khusaib meaning : “palm tree that bears much fruit”, “growth”, “fruitfulness”, “productivity” - Boy Name
Firzah meaning : “unique”, “rare” - Girl Name
Zifaf meaning : “side”, “river bank”, “shore”, “coast”, “side of a valley” - Girl Name
Arasteh meaning : “beautified”, “adorned”, and can be used to describe both physical beauty and good manners - Girl Name
Shahnam meaning : “one who has a kingly name”, “one who has a royal name”, figuratively meaning “one who has a good name”, “one who has a good reputation” - Boy Name
Shawal meaning : “great”, “high in status”, “elevated” - Boy Name
Sadinah meaning : “maintainer of the Kaaba” - Girl Name
Tahillah meaning : “appearance of the crescent moon” - Girl Name
Khasab meaning : “blessed”, “filled with blessings” - Boy Name
Mihlal meaning : “happy”, “joyous” - Boy Name
Humna meaning : Intehai samajhdar - Girl Name
Bozorg meaning : “great”, “important”, “magnificent”, “chief” - Boy Name
Shufafah meaning : “translucent”, “transparent”, “clear” - Girl Name
Sharveen meaning : “immortal”, “eternal” - Boy Name
Shaigan meaning : “precious”, “valuable”, “worthy” - Boy Name
Zainabah meaning : “one Zainab tree” - Girl Name
Zahyan meaning : “brilliant”, “luminous” - Boy Name
Pariwash meaning : “beautiful like a fairy” - Girl Name
Ashbal meaning : Lion cubs - Boy Name
Rifal meaning : “ease and luxury”, “wealth and bundance” - Boy Name
Parnia meaning : “canvas”, especially one made of silk - Girl Name
Nasimaa meaning : “like a soft breeze” - Girl Name
Moutif meaning : “high in status and rank”, “elevated”, “great” - Boy Name
Ashham meaning : Dignified, Respected - Boy Name
Sheida meaning : “infatuated”, “in love” - Girl Name
Ainaz meaning : Beautiful like the moon, Gorgeous - Girl Name
Firuze meaning : “turquoise” (a blue-green stone used in jewelry) - Girl Name
Afrisham meaning : Silk - Girl Name
Naqaawa meaning : “purity”, “cleanliness” - Girl Name
Shamra meaning : “graciousness”, “gracious nature” - Girl Name
Khisb meaning : “blessedness”, “growth”, “goodness of living” - Boy Name
Nouzhin meaning : “beautiful”, “fresh” - Girl Name
Gouzal meaning : “beautiful” - Girl Name
Delnaz meaning : “beloved of the heart”, “darling of the heart” - Girl Name
Imaneh meaning : “pious”, “faithful”, one who has faith in God - Girl Name
Hamta meaning : “companion”, “partner”, “soul mate” - Girl Name
Setara meaning : “star”, figuratively it means “fortune”, “luck”, and as an adjective it means “beautiful” - Girl Name
Faihan meaning : “fragrant”, something that has a strong good scent - Boy Name
Firhad meaning : “good-looking and full-bodied (i - Boy Name

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