English baby names for girls and boys

English babies names - Our database contain huge name list of English baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive English born baby names of English child's. Top English name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of English baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Names Gender Meanings Options
Harold  ♂  Boy Powerful man in the army Detail
Hart  ♂  Boy Fast runner Detail
Harvard  ♂  Boy A guard in the army Detail
Hastings  ♂  Boy Violent Detail
Hayes  ♂  Boy Brushwood or undergrowth Detail
Hayward  ♂  Boy Protector of a fence Detail
Hazel  ♀  Girl The Hazel Tree Detail
Heard  ♂  Boy Shepherd or cowherd Detail
Heath  ♂  Boy Hailing from a region with heather Detail
Heather  ♀  Girl Flowering plant Detail
Heaven  ♀  Girl Sky, paradise Detail
Hern  ♂  Boy Heron Detail
Holbrook  ♂  Boy A person who dwells near a brook Detail
Hollis  ⚥  Unisex Living in the trees of holly Detail
Holmes  ♂  Boy From an island Detail
Hope  ♀  Girl Woman with hope Detail
Ina  ♀  Girl Unclear Detail
Ivy  ♀  Girl Climbing plant Detail
Jacey  ♀  Girl Unclear Detail
Jaden  ⚥  Unisex Unclear Detail

English Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English. Huge Names database of English baby names of Girls and Boys.
English names and meanings. English names for girls - Feminine. English names for boys - males. English latest baby names. English names and meanings and their lucky numbers.English baby names.

Baby Names and their Meanings with Lucky Number


Top 50 English Baby Names List

 ♂  Zayden
 ♀  Corliss
 ♂  Childers
 ♂  Koshon
 ♂  Adney
 ♂  Zenoch
 ♂  Keshon
 ♀  Ashlyn
 ♂  Aston
 ♀  Nevaeh
 ♀  Edita
 ♂  Ashford
 ♀  dabria
 ♂  Moody
 ♂  Jodari
 ⚥  Madison
 ♀  Marigold
 ♂  Baudier
 ♂  Acton
 ♂  Caldwell
 ♂  darwin
 ♂  Edu
 ♂  Wordsworth
 ♂  Wilder
 ⚥  Ash
 ♀  Beverly
 ♀  daisy
 ♂  Liddell
 ♂  Caden
 ♂  Tarzan
 ♀  Alvina
 ♂  Sid
 ♂  Stead
 ♀  Mardelle
 ♂  dalton
 ♂  Edson
 ♂  Cadman
 ♂  Renton
 ♀  Sunday
 ♂  Kalem
 ♂  Tavon
 ♂  Bedford
 ♂  Flint
 ♂  Irwin
 ♀  Kaelah
 ♂  Barnett
 ♂  Cayden
 ♂  Grayling
 ♀  Tuesday
 ♂  Wilfred