Greek baby names for girls and boys

Greek babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Greek baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Greek born baby names of Greek child's. Top Greek name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Greek baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Names Gender Meanings Options
dwight  ♂  Boy Follower of Zeus Detail
dysis  ♀  Girl dusk Detail
Echo  ♀  Girl Woman of sound Detail
Effie  ♀  Girl Good speaker Detail
Egor  ♂  Boy A farmer Detail
Eileen  ♀  Girl “one who belongs to the tribe/clan/nation”, figuratively meaning “friendly”, “lovable”, “likable” Detail
Eilionoir  ♀  Girl Sympathy, compassion Detail
Elaine  ♀  Girl Torch of light Detail
Electra  ♀  Girl Shining, radiant Detail
Elina  ♀  Girl Torch of light Detail
Ellie  ♀  Girl Sympathy, compassion Detail
Emerald  ♀  Girl Green gemstone Detail
Eppie  ♀  Girl Good speaker Detail
Erasma  ♀  Girl Beloved Detail
Erasmus  ♂  Boy dear or dearest Detail
Ercole  ♂  Boy Hera's glory Detail
Ermolai  ♂  Boy Heap of stones Detail
Eros  ♂  Boy Carnal love Detail
Eskandar  ♂  Boy defender of man Detail
Estefania  ♀  Girl Woman with crown Detail

Greek Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English. Huge Names database of Greek baby names of Girls and Boys.
Greek names and meanings. Greek names for girls - Feminine. Greek names for boys - males. Greek latest baby names. Greek names and meanings and their lucky numbers.Greek baby names.

Baby Names and their Meanings with Lucky Number

Top 50 Greek Baby Names List

 ⚥  Alex
 ♀  Aldora
 ♀  Kaj
 ♂  Sawney
 ♀  Phyllis
 ♀  Ilona
 ♂  Alexander
 ♀  Vitaliya
 ♂  Aleksander
 ♀  Alexandrea
 ♀  Irja
 ♂  Ajax
 ♀  Alecta
 ♀  Agda
 ♀  Fedora
 ♀  dionisia
 ♂  Alec
 ♀  Kaylee
 ♀  Alessandra
 ♀  Agnes
 ♀  Aleta
 ♂  Niccolo
 ♀  Aileen
 ♂  Aesop
 ♀  Agnete
 ♀  Leandra
 ♂  dennis
 ♀  Ili
 ♀  Alejandra
 ♀  Genie
 ♀  Peigi
 ♀  Elaine
 ♂  Kayson
 ♀  Chloe
 ♂  Ries
 ♂  damon
 ♀  dorete
 ♀  Bara
 ♂  dryas
 ♂  Aeneas
 ♂  dwight
 ♀  Sandra
 ♂  Eustace
 ♀  Marge
 ♀  Sharmaine
 ♀  dorothy
 ♀  Leona
 ♂  Tobias
 ♂  Agamemnon
 ♂  Alexei