Hebrew baby names for girls and boys

Hebrew babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Hebrew baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Hebrew born baby names of Hebrew child's. Top Hebrew name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Hebrew baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Names Gender Meanings Options
Ruta  ♀  Girl Mate, companion Detail
Ruuta  ♀  Girl Mate, companion Detail
Sadie  ♀  Girl Princess, lady-like Detail
Salome  ♀  Girl Peaceful Detail
Samantha  ♀  Girl Lord has heard Detail
Sammi  ♀  Girl Lord has heard Detail
Samson  ♂  Boy Sun Detail
Samuel  ♂  Boy To be able to hear God Detail
Samuli  ♂  Boy To be able to hear God Detail
Sanna  ♀  Girl Lily Detail
Sapphire  ♀  Girl Sapphire gemstone Detail
Sarika  ♀  Girl Princess, lady-like Detail
Sauli  ♂  Boy To ask for Detail
Sela  ♀  Girl Rocky Detail
Seonag  ♀  Girl God is merciful Detail
Serafino  ♂  Boy The one that burns Detail
Shani  ♀  Girl Carmine-colored Detail
Shanice  ♀  Girl God is merciful Detail
Shari  ♀  Girl “extremely beautiful” Detail
Sharon  ⚥  Unisex From fertile fields and forests Detail

Hebrew Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English. Huge Names database of Hebrew baby names of Girls and Boys.
Hebrew names and meanings. Hebrew names for girls - Feminine. Hebrew names for boys - males. Hebrew latest baby names. Hebrew names and meanings and their lucky numbers.Hebrew baby names.

Baby Names and their Meanings with Lucky Number


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 ♀  Maroosha
 ♂  daewon
 ♀  Zamara
 ♂  Yashiv
 ♀  Majken
 ♂  Elian
 ♂  Johntel
 ♂  Yaniv
 ♂  Eliya
 ♂  Ronin
 ♂  Ishman
 ♂  Acke
 ♂  dacey
 ♂  Yashar
 ♀  Vana
 ♂  Adin
 ♂  Jonas
 ♂  Illes
 ♀  Nelinha
 ♂  Javaughn
 ♂  Adon
 ♂  James
 ♀  Josefa
 ♂  Meir
 ♂  Addis
 ♀  Madeline
 ♂  Amoz
 ♀  Ivana
 ♀  Aleyna
 ♂  Simeon
 ♀  Jitka
 ♀  Manuela
 ♂  diego
 ♂  Yeriel
 ♀  Parniyan
 ♂  Adamo
 ♀  Shani
 ♂  Abbott
 ♀  Bilhah
 ♀  Anna
 ♂  Malakhi
 ♀  Migdalia
 ♂  Abdiel
 ♀  Adabelle
 ♂  Abner
 ♂  Addai
 ♂  deshaun
 ♂  Nehemiah
 ♂  Qayshaun
 ♀  Lizette