Scottish baby names for girls and boys

Scottish babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Scottish baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Scottish born baby names of Scottish child's. Top Scottish name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Scottish baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Names Gender Meanings Options
Redd  ♂  Boy Redheaded. Surname. Detail
Morrison  ♂  Boy Son of the servant of Mary. Detail
Sholto  ♂  Boy Sower. Detail
Robertson  ♂  Boy Son of Robert. Detail
Munroe  ♂  Boy Man from Ro. Detail
Murdoc  ♂  Boy Protector of the sea. Detail
Murdock  ♂  Boy Protector of the sea. Detail
Neilan  ♂  Boy Detail
Neill  ♂  Boy Champion. Detail
Rossiter  ♂  Boy Red. Surname. Detail
Rosston  ♂  Boy Red. Surname. Detail
Roth  ♂  Boy Red. Surname. Detail
Royal  ♂  Boy Rye hill.Royal. Detail
Royall  ♂  Boy Red. Detail
Farquhar  ♂  Boy from the Gaelic Fearchar, meaning 'frienDly man' or 'very Dear one'. Famous bearer: an early king of ScotlanD. Detail
Iain  ♂  Boy Scottish 'Gift from GoD'. Detail
Fionnlagh  ♂  Boy Fair-haired soldier. Detail
Firth  ♂  Boy Arm of the sea. Detail
Innes  ♂  Boy From Innes. Detail
Frasier  ♂  Boy of the forest men. Detail

Scottish Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English. Huge Names database of Scottish baby names of Girls and Boys.
Scottish names and meanings. Scottish names for girls - Feminine. Scottish names for boys - males. Scottish latest baby names. Scottish names and meanings and their lucky numbers.Scottish baby names.

Baby Names and their Meanings with Lucky Number

Top 50 Scottish Baby Names List

 ♂  Cailean
 ♀  Eimhir
 ♀  donaldina
 ♀  Ealasaid
 ♂  dugald
 ♀  deoiridh
 ♂  Cormag
 ♀  Rodina
 ♂  Artair
 ♀  Annag
 ⚥  dallas
 ♂  daividh
 ♂  Carson
 ♀  Beathag
 ♂  Hendry
 ♂  Seoc
 ♀  Seonaid
 ⚥  Athol
 ♂  Jockie
 ♂  Gilbride
 ♀  Beitris
 ♂  davidson
 ⚥  Greer
 ♂  Goraidh
 ♂  Graeme
 ♀  Lachina
 ⚥  Fergie
 ♀  Keitha
 ♀  Lorna
 ♂  Fraser
 ♀  Mairi
 ♂  Eanraig
 ♂  Bhaltair
 ♂  Padraig
 ♂  Jaydan
 ♀  Neilina
 ♂  Frang
 ♂  Ramzey
 ♂  dunn
 ♀  Malina
 ♀  Ishbel
 ♀  Frangag
 ♀  Blaire
 ♂  Murdoc
 ♂  Boyd
 ♂  Murdock
 ♂  Laird
 ♂  Eideard
 ♂  Firth
 ♀  Iseabail